Part Twelve : Pisa and Firenze

August 7 - August 8

Rick at the leaning tower. On our way to Florence we had to change trains at Pisa. Since trains leave for Florence every hour, we figured we'd take a couple hours and check the sites. Beside where I am standing you can see part of the Baptistery, a building built just for baptizing people.
I mentioned earlier that upon our arrival in Italy Amy and I began eating elegant (or semi-elegant) dinners, very different than hot dogs or dinners made from food from grocery stores (i.e. ham & cheese sandwiches). These dinners always seemed to include a litre of vino (wine), except on this night, where we bought a second litre of vino at the local convenience store after dinner. We settled down on this wall that I am sitting at. Below an excellent Jazz band played for the folks at the expensive restaurant below. From where we sat, not only could we hear the music but we had a brilliant view of the whole city.
Rick at Campingplatz #2 in Florence. This was a little lower quality than the original campingplatz in Meissen, Germany. Tents were generally no more than 50 cm apart.
Amy at the same Campingplatz. (Amy is thinking, "I think I'll take a break from the vino tonight.")
If you look carefully on the side of this vehicle, you will see it is labeled as the Pub Slut. It was one of several buses bought by a bunch of Kiwis (New Zealanders) driving around Italy looking for a good time (or making a good time where none was). Wouldn't you just like to have your very own pub slut?

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