Part Ten : Roma

August 2 - August 4

Amy and I reunited in Rome. Whereby previously we had had our favorite places around Europe, Italy rather quickly took the cake. It was amazing. Here's Amy in front of the Colosseum. We dedicated a day to the ancient Roman stuff such as the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, and so on.
Here's Rick inside the Colosseum. There's not much I wish to say, you should see it for yourself to believe it.
A very important lesson was learnt here. In Poland we posed a similar picture with a man dressed up as a crusader. This was lovely and we tipped him about two dollars. We assumed a similar tip would suffice here. Instead what happened was after Amy and I had pictures taken with this She-ra bitch, she demanded 10,000 lira for Amy's picture and 10,000 lira for Rick's picture (10,000 lira was about $7). We didn't want to argue with her, so we paid. If you find yourself in Italy with one of these dress-ups asking you if you want a picture, you may want to arrange the price before hand.
Amy at a water fountain. This was one of our favorite things about Rome. Everywhere you go there are water fountains with cold, refreshing drinking water. The man in the picture had stopped his car by the fountain and got out for a drink.
Another day in Rome was spent at the Vatican. First we went to see St. Peter's. This church was unbelievable, it was huge. After looking around inside the church, we paid for the elevator, followed by climb to the top. At the top you get to walk around the inside as well as the outside of the dome. Outside is impressive, you get a beautiful view of the Vatican. When inside, we could not believe we were inside a structure built by humans! It is so colossal and high that a closely wired fence was put up to surround you, one reason for it being that if someone through a coin from that height it could kill someone below. Humans walking in the church bellow appeared to be the size of fingernails. Later we went to the museum, library, and chapels. The feature here was the Sistine Chapel. Go sometime.
Well, these pictures tell just about nothing of our Rome experience since we've left just about everything out. Here's Rick sitting on a wall overlooking the city. In Rome we started a new eating schedule which would last for the rest of Italy. Breakfast would be small, consisting of fruits, juice and maybe pastry items from a store. Lunch was strictly gelato -- the best gelato in the world. Dinner we would splurge on, we went for elegant courses of pasta or pizza, appetizers and sometimes side dishes, and of course a litre of vino every night. Italian food is what it's all about. What else? I can't describe how good it is to cool your feet in a water fountain after walking all day. When Amy did it she said, "It feels like I just got new feet."

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